Poor software performances can 'cost a lot'

28th January 2009

Businesses can lose both money and customers due to poor application performance, it is said.

Technology manager for Compuware Hadrian James said that if applications go down, communication with the company is lost and as a result, it is unable to market the product or ship it, highlighting the need for such services as disaster recovery.

He said that "the most precious commodity to most of us is actually our time" and as a result, customers will not wait for a company to fix things and instead will take their business elsewhere.

Mr James commented on the relationship between consumers and companies, stressing the need for organisations to try their best to maintain a solid connection with their target audience.

Earlier this month, Compuware released research relating to application performance and its financial effects on corporations as a whole.

It was understood that 64 per cent of respondents felt their organisations were prone to experiencing large financial losses if programs faltered.

New research from Connect found that, on average, it takes businesses that use backup tapes take 11.6 hours to retrieve and restore files. Connect is now recommending that SMEs switch to www.connect.co.uk/services/online_backup.