Companies 'looking to IT to save money'

22nd January 2009

Businesses are now using IT systems as a way of cutting costs rather than spending it, it is said.

Gerry McGlaughlin from IT says that this is different from what has gone on during previous economic downturns and now there has been a shift in attitude, with organisations taking advantage of IT to make operations more efficient and to lower costs.

He states that "IT workers ... were badly hit in the downturns of the early 90s and early noughties as they were seen as costs ... which could be easily cut".

Automation of manual systems was perceived to be a way of saving funds in the past and so IT was not badly affected by downturns, Mr McGlaughlin asserts.

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A recent survey from Parity shows that the length of a contract was what one-fifth of IT contractors took to be the most important factor for them in 2009.

According to a recent survey by Connect, the two biggest IT headaches for businesses were 'everyday hassles with IT' (37 per cent) and 'security concerns' (32 per cent).