Education 'will not be harmed' by technology

20th January 2009

Education will not be harmed by technology due to a lot of it already being used by those it has been designed to teach, according to an expert.

Speaking at the British Education and Training Technology (BETT) 2009 event, marketing campaign manager at the British Computer Society (BCS) Stephen Daniels stated that people are still apprehensive about using technology in the classroom.

He said that a lot of this phenomenon was in part due to children already having technology within their reach, particularly through mobile phones and MP3 players.

Mr Daniels also highlighted the benefits of equipment when it is harnessed to produce "a podcast or ... a video podcast".

Recently, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency - more commonly known as Becta - created a new charter to help schools become part of the digital revolution.

The scheme aims to encourage schools to use technology on a more regular basis in order to improve the learning experience.

According to a recent survey by Connect, the two biggest IT headaches for businesses were 'everyday hassles with IT' (37 per cent) and 'security concerns' (32 per cent).