IT systems such as CRM and network security are 'necessary'

14th January 2009

A computer network specialist has described network security and customer relationship management (CRM) as "vital IT systems", it has been reported.

In an article for SME Web this week, computing company Ramsac said the current economic climate was causing a number of people to look for ways to cut the IT budget.

The specialist noted that this should only be done after factoring out the budget allocated to such programmes as CRM, as it could be damaging to a company's business to get rid of them.

It highlighted that in-house IT managers can be quite a costly investment, adding that many bosses were looking to outsourcing an IT department to drop costs.

"But the pressures of the current economic situation mean that business leaders are looking at how much value-for-money this actually provides," managing director of Ramsac Robert May said.

He continued: "It soon becomes clear that effective, well-targeted and comprehensive outsourced IT provision offers an enticing prospect."

Syed Ali, a CRM expert, said such systems are indispensable as it can galvanise sales cycles and convert many leads into a solid income.

In a recent survey of SMEs for Connect, the two most important benefits of outsourcing were guaranteed response times and allowing in-house IT staff to concentrate on more strategic issues.