Govt 'does not care' about protecting citizen data

13th January 2009

The government is disregarding the importance of data loss which it has fallen foul of, acting with impunity over the protection of confidential information, a security specialist has asserted.

Chief executive officer at Clearswift Richard Turner highlighted the latest instance, where a USB stick containing the information of 6,000 prisoners was lost - something he said is unforgivable and was typical of the government's attitude to the possibility of important data being lost.

"It's just another loss in a litany of disasters that the government calls protecting our data," Mr Turner emphasised.

"The government is acting with impunity and doesn't care about protecting our data."

He also commented on how the one person at fault for the initial loss is dealt with but how entire systems of governance are not overhauled.

Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust announced its part in the controversial data leak this week, telling of how the encrypted USB stick had the password attached to it.

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