Business technology 'all about getting people closer together'

12th January 2009

People working in IT support in a flexible capacity should be brought closer to the action of the workplace and not pushed further away, according to a business psychologist.

David Cumberbatch, who was speaking on behalf of Vodafone, said new equipment does not necessarily result in a sense of isolation, adding that it was important for people to understand just how much mobile systems could help them in their day-to-day dealings.

He continued: "When you get under the surface of what they are doing with the technology, what is the technology enabling?

"The technology is actually enabling broader communities, enabling people to be connected all of the time."

Mr Cumberbatch's comments follow the Working Nation Report published last month by Vodafone, which showed unwillingness for people to become "digital natives", despite the common image of the new generation.

It found that out of 14 to 18-year-olds interviewed, 56 per cent of them rated the social aspect of work as the most important to them after being paid.

According to a recent survey by Connect, the two biggest IT headaches for businesses were 'everyday hassles with IT' (37 per cent) and 'security concerns' (32 per cent).