Hosted IT Solutions – What Everybody Should Know

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The rush to take advantage of the flexibility of cloud or hosted IT solutions is unprecedented. The uptake is greater than the birth of the World Wide Web, but that creates its own complications. Data security is a major concern for businesses and sadly, if your business does not provide an acceptable solution for its staff to function, they will find a facility that does.

This is a case where the solution is also the problem if you do not anticipate the needs of staff. For example, the transfer of data via email has data size limits and its own security issues. With many office functions now part of a digital landscape, it is essential for your business to provide software that allows your employees to collaborate in a secure environment. Office 365 allows your staff to share, sync and collaborate with team sites that means data never needs to travel over an unsecure network.

Businesses Benefit from Collaboration Thanks to Cloud Computing

Many businesses use constantly use data, but it takes a considerable amount of planning, even for most forward thinking are able to anticipate every eventuality. Businesses that don’t plan risk leaking data because employees with use whatever resources they can access to complete a job with ease. If that means using an external file sharing or cloud storage solution, then your business could:

  1. Fail to comply with data regulations
  2. Place data at risk from unauthorised exposure
  3. Open connections from secure network locations to unsecure or ungoverned locations
  4. Breach the trust of customers
  5. Leave your data susceptible to employee theft or tampering
  6. All of the above

Maintaining governance of data and your network is one of the primary methods of ensuring system security. By allowing staff to seek out their own solution to a data or collaboration problem, your business undoes all the hard work that takes place when creating a secure IT environment.

How Hosted IT Solutions Solve these Problems

Microsoft SharePoint has long been a favourite among enterprise IT users because of its project management and collaboration features. Now that SharePoint and Office 365 are exploiting the best of those features with cloud technology, your business should never need to transfer data over unsecured networks.

SharePoint and Office 365 are just two examples of how your business can allow its employees to work collaboratively, but many applications produce and process data that may not have native sharing features. This then calls for your staff to recognise when your data should move from location to location within your Storage Area Network (SAN) and how they facilitate the move while maintaining security.

Train and Support Your Staff

It is important to have all these options available to staff, but training is the key to making these features of your hosted IT service successful. You may need to teach your staff how to connect to your SAN via a VPN, or provide custom installs on their chosen devices to ensure connections remain secure when working from different locations. Other staff may need to know what actions they take will introduce vulnerabilities to a secure network.

Many businesses choose to use a DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) that allows connections to the internet and other ungoverned locations, so staff will require training to ensure isolated data never crosses to an exposed network. Understanding these issues is essential if you want to maintain security within your business. If you are unsure about how to maintain security with your hosted IT provider, speak with us today.

7 Valuable Tips

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